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Kiran Ashwani is one of the best Makeup Artist in Jaipur providing their services all over India with over 10 years of experience in beauty & style world.

Bridal Makeup

We transform brides to wedding day princess with bridal makeup in Jaipur. Beautiful Bridal makeup looks & skin care is what we promise.

As much exciting as it sounds, a wedding is a stressful moment for a bride. She needs to prepare for it early on to avoid the possibility of chaos on the wedding day. A makeup artist can ease her workload to a great extent by lending a helping hand in her beautification. At Kiran’smakeover, we have expert make-up artists who can help you look your best on the day of your wedding.

Celebrity Makeup

People notice celebrities so they need to look good all the time. We make sure that the celebrities look glamorous whether they are on the red carpet, marriage parties or walking on the ramp.

Celebrities always surprise people with their looks. The majority of them wear different looks on different occasions. Yet, they make it look so simple and straightforward. Every look they wear looks just about perfect. Despite applying makeup, they appear realistic. This is one of the major reasons due to which they enjoy a wide range of following.

Hair Coloring

We provide you the latest trends in hair colors such as platinum, bright hues, ombre, dip-dyes. We make sure that the hair color shade you choose goes well with your style.

Women have different reasons for coloring their hair. While some women do so to cover their grey hair, others use this option to make their hair look attractive and pleasing to the eye. Whatever be your reason for coloring your hair, the fact remains that it is a specialized task. As such, it demands specialization.

Hair Styling

Good hairstyles can do a lot to faces. We make sure you get a hairstyle of your choice that best suits your face. Also, we try to provide the best and affordable hair styling in Jaipur.

Most women believe hair is a vital element that defines their personality. This is for a good reason, though. It tells a thousand stories about her style statement. While there is no denying the fact that almost every woman values her hair, only a few women know the importance of choosing the right hairstyle. Some women believe they can go about choosing almost any style option for their hair.

Hair Treatment

Good styling of hair plays a very important role with dress up and the makeup. We, as hair artist in Jaipur make sure to give you the best hair treatment in Jaipur.

Most women treat their hair and look after it as a piece of treasure for a good reason. After all, it is the first thing that meets the eye of an observer. Enhancing her beauty aside, it also adds a new dimension to her appearance. Only a few women know how to style it perfectly, though.

Makeup @Shoot

We focus on the best features of the brides and complete their overall look for the wedding shoot and pre-wedding makeup in Jaipur.

Every woman is beautiful in her way. However, the way of showcasing her beauty may vary from one woman to the other. Apart from outfits, makeup is the other thing that can make a big difference in the way she looks to others.

Party Makeup

We use best quality beauty products for party makeup in Jaipur. With the use of minimal makeup, we can make you look graceful and beautiful.

To most people, a party is all about music, dance, good clothes, food, and fun. But for some women, it is the occasion to step up her makeup. Every party is a special event for a woman as she wants to contribute to its charm with her striking appearance.

Skin Treatment

We make sure that your skin looks glowing, fresh and flawless. We use beauty products that cause no harm to the skin.

The skin is not just the external part of the body. There is more to it than what appears on the surface. In terms of fashion, it is the reflection of the overall health of an individual. As such, most women invest their time and money in taking care of it. After all, a woman’s beauty is as good as her skin.

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