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We’re Kiranashwani Makeovers in Jaipur City. We are experts in all categories of beauty work.

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Kiranashwani Makeovers is one of the best Makeup Artist in Jaipur providing their services all over India with over 10 Years of experience in the Beauty & Style world.

Kiranashwani Makeovers is a destination for all kinds of beauty & makeup services which enables you to make a style statement and have a beautiful lifestyle.

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Appearances differ from person to person. Your looks define who you are. Sometimes you may want to kick it above the notch just to look your best on special occasions. Be it your wedding day or any other event concerning you, your lineaments come under the spotlight. At such junctures, you may want to highlight your choices for a makeover in the best possible manner. Being beautiful from birth is a God’s gift but there is always scope for a makeover that can change your looks.

While you may not be able to change your facial altogether, some fine tuning and a little tweaking can help transform it. On a candid note, your looks reflect your confidence. So, the prettier you look the better. This is the rationale behind kiranashwanimakeovers. Here, we transform the looks of our clients by adding a new dimension to it. At kiranashwanimakeovers, we believe everyone deserves to look their best for being the centre of attention on the special days of their life.

From the perfect eyeliner to the foundation or your lips, it is necessary to select the right colours for defining your features and character. You will most probably photograph your looks on your special days. So, you must add some high definition optics to your pores and complexion.

There is no dearth of freelance makeup artist in Jaipur. Think of one, and you will find many on the internet or in your locality. However, not everyone is thoroughly acquainted with the art of embellishing people in a natural way. No matter how sophisticated you wish to look after a makeover, you may still want to look natural. Most beauticians or stylists go over-the-top with the result that their client gives the impression of wearing a look with heavy make-up which does not look natural.

What Our Clients Say
Janvi Kushwa

It was a great experience with kiranashwani makeovers excellent work,best dealing.kiran didi the best work on our special days. We got the perfect makeup what we re after . Please must visit for good services.

Manjula Teotia

Had a good experience.The hair dresser and his team are doing amazing job.Totally happy with the experience.I definitely recommend this salon.

Amit Sharma

Good Salon, one of the best in the area. People are good and courteous. I am a regular there, and their experienced stylist has been able to meet with my requirements regularly.

Manish Kumar

Amazing service & the best haircut I’ve ever had! Wish I found this place earlier. Highly recommend!!!

Avyan j

All the services are upto to mark. . Special thnks to kiranashwani makeovers . .i really adore my new hairstyle. . . Clean and nice place with very calm and helping staff. . .one should definitely visit. .

Abhishek Jaiswal

I had a fabulous haircut at this salon. The guy who did my makeover was mahhi. I am really glad i choose their services. It’s worth every penny. Mahhi do wonderful hairstyling.

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