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Kiranashwani Makeovers is one of the best Makeup Artist in Jaipur providing their services all over India with over 10 Years of experience in the Beauty & Style world.

Kiranashwani Makeovers is a destination for all kinds of beauty & makeup services which enables you to make a style statement and have a beautiful lifestyle.

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We Offer Makeup Solutions for All Occasions

Appearances differ from person to person. Your looks define who you are. Sometimes you may want to kick it above the notch just to look your best on special occasions. Be it your wedding day or any other event concerning you, your lineaments come under the spotlight. At such junctures, you may want to highlight your choices for a makeover in the best possible manner. Being beautiful from birth is a God’s gift but there is always scope for a makeover that can change your looks.

While you may not be able to change your facial altogether, some fine tuning and a little tweaking can help transform it. On a candid note, your looks reflect your confidence. So, the prettier you look the better. This is the rationale behind kiranashwanimakeovers. Here, we transform the looks of our clients by adding a new dimension to it. At kiranashwanimakeovers, we believe everyone deserves to look their best for being the centre of attention on the special days of their life.

From the perfect eyeliner to the foundation or your lips, it is necessary to select the right colours for defining your features and character. You will most probably photograph your looks on your special days. So, you must add some high definition optics to your pores and complexion.

There is no dearth of freelance makeup artist in Jaipur. Think of one, and you will find many on the internet or in your locality. However, not everyone is thoroughly acquainted with the art of embellishing people in a natural way. No matter how sophisticated you wish to look after a makeover, you may still want to look natural. Most beauticians or stylists go over-the-top with the result that their client gives the impression of wearing a look with heavy make-up which does not look natural.

At Kiran’s makeover, we pay attention to every minor detail so you can get the kind of look you want without any fluff. Beautification is an art that becomes better with more and more experience. With several years’ experience under our belt, we wish to translate all that we have learned into the enhanced look of our clientele.

Each Professional makeup artist in Jaipur who belongs to our team has the expertise to gussy up your looks for every occasion. Whether you wish to look your best on your wedding day or birthday, our experts are happy to help you with it. They believe in adding more style factor to your look so you not only look great but also feel confident and happy about it. Over the years, we have brought a smile on the faces of our happy clients with our top-notch makeup services.

Each makeup artist who works with us specializes in all the three aspects of makeup: hair treatment, hair styling, and hair colouring. With the expertise of styling hair in different ways, our experts have a strong foothold on the ins and out of hairstyles. They take the facial structure and other features of a client into consideration before applying a specific hairstyle. Our experts
believe in not just providing you with a good solution but the best solution which you can hope for.

Aside from hair styling, we also provide hair treatment and hair colouring solutions. Each freelance makeup artist of our team takes care of the requirements of our clients individually while providing these services. Regardless of the type of hair you have or the kind of look you wish to achieve, our specialists have a ready-made solution to all your problems. All the treatment options we have, are meant for providing you with a head full of hair which shines naturally and remains well set.

Do you wish to colour your hair without exposure to harsh chemical agents? No worries – our experts know how to go about giving you the best outcomes that your money can get. Not only they give you a reason to flaunt your curly lucks but also give you natural solutions so that you do not fall prey to any side effects such as hair loss, etc. Apart from being natural, our hair colouring solutions are lasting. Moreover, they are aimed at making you look the best so you can earn compliments from the people around you.

Last but not least, we also offer the best treatment to skin solutions to make your skin look flawless and glowing without a blemish. All our beauty products are skin-friendly, meaning they are gentle on skin.

Jazz up your looks and steal the limelight with our cost-effective makeup solution. Reach out to us now!

Kiranashwani Makeovers


  • Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur Home Icon

    Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur

    We transform brides to wedding day princess with bridal makeup in Jaipur. Beautiful Bridal makeup looks & skin care is what we promise.

  • Party Makeup Artist in Jaipur Home Icon

    Party Makeup Artist in Jaipur

    We use best quality beauty products for party makeup in Jaipur. With the use of minimal makeup, we can make you look graceful and beautiful.

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist in Jaipur Home Icon

    Celebrity Makeup Artist in Jaipur

    People notice celebrities so they need to look good all the time. We make sure that the celebrities look glamorous whether they are on the red carpet, marriage parties or walking on the ramp.

  • Makeup @Shoot Artist in Jaipur Home Icon

    Makeup @Shoot Artist in Jaipur

    We focus on the best features of the brides and complete their overall look for the wedding shoot and pre-wedding makeup in Jaipur.

  • Hair Treatment Salon in Jaipur Home Icon

    Hair Treatment Salon in Jaipur

    Good styling of hair plays a very important role with dress up and the makeup. We, as hair artist in Jaipur make sure to give you the best hair treatment in Jaipur.

  • Hair Coloring Salon in Jaipur Home Icon

    Hair Coloring Salon in Jaipur

    We provide you the latest trends in hair colors such as platinum, bright hues, ombre, dip-dyes. We make sure that the hair color shade you choose goes well with your style.

  • Hair Styling Artist in Jaipur Home Icon

    Hair Styling Artist in Jaipur

    Good hairstyles can do a lot to faces. We make sure you get a hairstyle of your choice that best suits your face. Also, we try to provide the best and affordable hair styling in Jaipur.

  • Skin Treatment Salon in Jaipur Home Icon

    Skin Treatment Salon in Jaipur

    We make sure that your skin looks glowing, fresh and flawless. We use beauty products that cause no harm to the skin.

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Kiran Ashwani is one of the best Makeup Artist in Jaipur providing their services all over India with over 10 years of experience in beauty & style world.

Hair Services Male male hair

  • hair cache Hair Cut 150
  • shaving Shaving 100
  • hair color Hair color 500
  • hair style Hairstreak 100
  • Deep Conditioning Deep conditioning 250
  • hair style Hair spa 500
  • Deep Conditioning Face massage 200

Hair Services Female Female Image

  • hair cache Hair cut 300
  • Trimming Trimming 200
  • straightening Straightening 3000
  • rebounding Rebounding 3000
  • highlights streak Highlights streak 250
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